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1. A person who maintains the facade of being amicable while, in reality, he or she is secretly a bitch.

"Yeah, she acts all nice when her family is around. Just wait until you are alone with her--she's a real invisibitch."
by Frunobulax1221 September 06, 2007
The complete opposite of invisibait. Instead of somone who lurks and waits for people to log on to their chat program so they can annoy them, Invisibitches lurk on chat programs refusing to talk to anyone who doesn't message them first. They usually sit around playing video games and lurk on their chat program waiting for friends to ask them if they are there (usually knowing that they are on)
IM to Douchebag227: Hey man you there?
IM to NormalPerson: Yeah I'm just invisible.
IM to Douchebag227: Why you gotta be such an invisibitch?
IM to NormalPerson: I'm playing madden man...
IM to Douchebag227: Douchebag...
by iillilil May 19, 2009
The Wind
When you're on a motorcycle on the freeway and all of a sudden a big gust of Invisi-bitch blows you two lanes over, completely fucking unprovoked.
by vegetable_television February 09, 2009
A player on Halo 1,2 or 3 whom over uses the active camo.
Stevie:What the fuck, I just died for no reason!
Rob: Nah man, that invisibitch got you.
by Stevie Myers October 04, 2007
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