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1. Commonly known as lurker. Invisbait is when a friend (or associate) that is sometimes annoying (or someone you just may be tired of) logs into their chat program and goes invisible waiting for you to log on so they can annoy you.
1: Hey man what are you doing on AIM?
2: I was just logging on to see if my girlfriend was here but it turns out Tracy was lurking with invisibait.
1: Ah damn... well... goodnight sucker!
2: Fucking invisbait...
by iillilil March 31, 2009
The complete opposite of invisibait. Instead of somone who lurks and waits for people to log on to their chat program so they can annoy them, Invisibitches lurk on chat programs refusing to talk to anyone who doesn't message them first. They usually sit around playing video games and lurk on their chat program waiting for friends to ask them if they are there (usually knowing that they are on)
IM to Douchebag227: Hey man you there?
IM to NormalPerson: Yeah I'm just invisible.
IM to Douchebag227: Why you gotta be such an invisibitch?
IM to NormalPerson: I'm playing madden man...
IM to Douchebag227: Douchebag...
by iillilil May 19, 2009
(n) Used commonly in public restrooms. Shoe memory is the memory used to subtly find out who was in the stalls of a public restroom. Simply by looking and remembering which shoe was in which stall (doing whatever) one can point that person out to friends later on.

"Dude it was totally him making all the fart noises."
"The converses?"
"No man, the Jordans"
"How can you tell?"
"I've got great shoe memory."
by iillilil June 22, 2009

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