The greatest cartoon show ever made. Still airs on Nickelodeon every once in a while (frequently the first episode), but is aired every day on Nicktoons, usually more than once per afternoon.
I laugh at those who cannot watch Invader Zim because their family is too poor to order digital cable, yet they buy all the merchandise from Hot Topic anyway because they claim to be deticated fans.
by Juggalette Mini March 22, 2004
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1. One of the few good shows that ever aired on Nickelodeon. After it was canceled Nick just went downhill from there. It was canceled because some idiots got ticked off because they felt it was to dark and didn't recognize it for the genius work it was.

2. The meaning of life!
OMG Invader Zim is proof that there still may be hope for t.v. out there! Jhonen Vasquez is a genius!
by Devi96 August 06, 2010
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One of the best(including Futurama and Robot Chicken) cartoon shows ever created. It's pure insanity and random-ness made it so great.... until it was cancelled by Nickelodeon.( i'm gonna rape Nickelodeon....) But if you have directv you can find it on channel 302 at 9:30 and midnight.you can also find episodes on tv.com and you can watch them on youtube.com
(From:Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars, the best of INVADER ZIM)
GIR: I made mashed poe-tay-toes!(he pronounced it that way)
ZIM: Yes, and muffins....
by a"Friend"OfYourMother April 29, 2007
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A show about an Irken invader sent to "The end of the universe" Earth on a secret mission ment to get rid of him he does his "best" to conquer Earth but paranormal enthusiest Dib stands in his way

OMFG I love this show it is like my second fave show (next to HTF)
FUCK Nick right up their ass for cancelling it!

I luv Invader Zim ;)
by Flippydaslasher November 23, 2007
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the BEST cartoon i have ever seen. its hilarious. ZIM is an alien from the planet irk who wishes to participate in the taking over the galaxy, so he is assigned Earth. every irken alien gets a robot servant, however ZIM gets one that was made from a pile of junk, whos name is Gir. gir is very stupidly funny and random. when they get to Earth they make disguises for themsleves- ZIM is some kind of school kid with some kind of mowhawk and Gir is an adorable green dog. their arch enemy is Dib, a boy at school that knows what Zim and Gir are and what they are doing but nobody believes him. the show was GREAT until it was canceled, now i have to watch it on youtube. some people say it was canceled because in one of the eps they hid a picture of Gir covered in blood, but i think its really because of the number of views. they decided it would be a good idea to air the show late at night after most kids go to bed, so even though the show was liked, it wasnt watched.
(after Gir tries to fly ZIM somewhere)

invader ZIM: what happened?! we cant have run out of fuel already!
Gir: i emptied it!
ZIM: emptied it? WHY?
Gir: to make room for the tuna! ( he begins to eat tuna from where the fuel is supposed to be)

ZIM( after almost being rejected to be elected take over earth): but i have invaders blood! it runs through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants!
by werftbhnj bhghyujik August 10, 2010
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The greatest show ever to be aired on TV
Person 1: Who likes Invader Zim?
by Invader Kim May 27, 2010
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A dark styled cartoon original aired on Nickolodeon staring Zim, a loud wreckless alien on a mission to conquer/destroy earth, Dib, a human boy with the mindset to stop Zim, Gir, Zim's disfunctional SIR unit, and Gaz, Dib's dark brooding sister who only cares to be left alone.
Invader Zim is considered by many people the "Jesus Christ" of Cartoons. Created by comic book writer Jhonen Vasques, author of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, and Filler Bunner, Invader Zim became the prophet of his dark concepts. Revolutionary in many ways, it challenged the way its viewers looked at the world around them. The show was cancelled for its unpopularity amoung younger audiences and high production costs. The show grew a major cult following after its "crucifixion".
Throughout 2006 the show had an apparent "resurrection" where episodes never before seen on tv were aired, though they were available on DVD releases before-hand.
Even though Invader Zim is gone, he lives on in our hearts.
Invader Zim: My Tallest! Why have you forsaken me?
Dib: It is done...
by Dimn October 18, 2006
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