Invader Zim is a show about a fun-sized alien named Zim, who is sent from his home planet to enslave the human race, but is terrible at it. Nick cancelled it for too much comic violence in 2001 (re: stealing the organs of children, so putting "violence" in the equation was an understatement), but it wasn't until after the cancellation that asshats decided to like it because Hot Topic pasted GIR's face onto everything (subliminal messaging, kids.) In reality, the show is a can full of schizophrenia and fecophiliac-friendly jokes, and actually shows no real material that would pertain to children outside of a loony bin, and, in all due respect, should have either been sent to Adult Swim where it could thrive without prosecution or eradicated like the demon bitch of a show it was. A quote from this beloved TV show: "Why does everything taste like pig intestines?"

Jhonen Vasquez, creator of the show, also made Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, which is about a schizophrenic impulsive murder who attacks random people (usually assholes) without any real warning other than the fact that he's fucking batshit insane and thinks that a Little Shop of Horrors-esque monster lives in the walls of his house. Let that sink in for a while.
IZ Fan (based on Hot Topic sales): LIKE, OH MY GOD, I LOVE Invader Zim! Gir is so cute! DOOOOOOM! DOOOOOTIES! OTHER UNFUNNY TOPIC RELATING TO SHIT!

Less than 1% of the population that sees Invader Zim for the insanely fucked-up shit factory it is: Dude, this is real shit. Whatever the fuck happened to actual genius, like Courage the Cowardly Dog?
by touchy eelly March 31, 2010
When an innocent young Italian lad face fucks a predator
Yo did you invader zim her?

Yeah she won't be able to taste shit for a month!
by brolife4ever March 06, 2011
the most overrated, and stupidest show ever. everyone loves it for seemingly no reason. Believe me, I watched the show when it first aired, and I thought it was OK, but then, six years later, it seemed like every other person liked it for no reason other than the fact that it was random or the assumption that Gir was "Funny".

Overall, I believe that shows that think that being random is funny should not be allowed to air. But this is just my opinion.

"I'M GONNA SING DA DOOM SONG NAO." Isn't funny at all unless you have the intelligence of less than an eight year old. But I must admit that it was the end of good shows for Nickolodean.
Most people who love it are random, annoying 12-19 year olds who say things like: "OMG! Invader zim is da bestest show evar cuz gir likes pancakessss!!!"
by Twitchy Birdie May 26, 2009
A cartoon show that ran on Nickelodeon for three seasons or so. It depicted the life of a disturbed, xenophiliac young man named Dib who was obsessed with cutting up a green, screaming alien and having sex with every one of its slimy alien organs. The show spawned millions of annoying 13-year-old girls and boys who suddenly thought the words "moose" and "taquitos" were "teh FUNNAY LOLOLOLOLOL" and began firing quotes from every one of their orifices (like delicious diarrhea) at will whenever the name "GIR" was brought up. Soon afterwards, since Nick found it impossible to fap to creepy and ugly children who had fantasies about little green men from the stars any longer, Nick pulled the plug on Zim, thus releasing Jhonen Vasquez from captivity to be free to whine and whine about the many fans who SUPPLY HIM WITH HIS MONEYS, allowing him to purchase all the double-ended strap-on harnesses his little heart desires.
Girl from Hot Topic: My god, Invader Zim was the greatest show in the entire world!

Sane Person: I beg to differ. I believe Zim sucked vastly.

Girl: OMG how dare you your opinion is not allowed you are closeminded lol^_^

Sane Person: NO U
by A fan of Invader Zim <3 October 09, 2006
A homosexual and repetitive show, overated, and aired for almost two dreadful seasons, that was cancelled because it was too stupid for even NICK! Honestly, a show that is too bad for NICK must really suck a baboonaphile's ass.
1: Hey kid, whatcha watching?
2: Invader Zim!
1: Fag!
2: What about me?
by the truth(god) October 01, 2006
the stupidest show ever. everyone loves it and i have no clue why. it sucks.
most people who like it would say something like
by somebodyyy July 03, 2006
a stupid cartoon show for emos who shop at Hot Topic.
Invader Zim is stupid!
by TeHbEsT July 15, 2005

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