Possibly one of the darkest (and one of my most favorite) cartoons on Nickelodeon.

Of course, it was canceled because Nick needs MOAR time for shit shows like iCarly.

Totally logical, amirite?
Nickelodeon's view:

Invader Zim = Dark
Dark = BAD!!!

*cancels show*

Most other people's view:

Invader Zim = Dark
Dark = Good!!
by ThatReallyWonderfulPerson August 12, 2010
the BEST cartoon i have ever seen. its hilarious. ZIM is an alien from the planet irk who wishes to participate in the taking over the galaxy, so he is assigned Earth. every irken alien gets a robot servant, however ZIM gets one that was made from a pile of junk, whos name is Gir. gir is very stupidly funny and random. when they get to Earth they make disguises for themsleves- ZIM is some kind of school kid with some kind of mowhawk and Gir is an adorable green dog. their arch enemy is Dib, a boy at school that knows what Zim and Gir are and what they are doing but nobody believes him. the show was GREAT until it was canceled, now i have to watch it on youtube. some people say it was canceled because in one of the eps they hid a picture of Gir covered in blood, but i think its really because of the number of views. they decided it would be a good idea to air the show late at night after most kids go to bed, so even though the show was liked, it wasnt watched.
(after Gir tries to fly ZIM somewhere)

invader ZIM: what happened?! we cant have run out of fuel already!
Gir: i emptied it!
ZIM: emptied it? WHY?
Gir: to make room for the tuna! ( he begins to eat tuna from where the fuel is supposed to be)

ZIM( after almost being rejected to be elected take over earth): but i have invaders blood! it runs through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants!
by werftbhnj bhghyujik August 10, 2010
A show first aired on Nickelodeon, which was actually much better off before they canceled it after a couple of years or so.

It's about a green alien from a planet called Irk, sent on a fraud mission to take over the planet Earth. Problem's that he's arrogant and foolish plus such little controversy stops him, so he never exactly reaches his goal.
"Do not question me!" - Invader Zim
by Lauren Morrison February 16, 2006
When Nickelodeon missed it's chance for a good show.
There will never be a show as good as Invader Zim.

Invader Zim defined my childhood!
by Ghgufdjrwbvgygu November 14, 2011
A show that gets a lot more hate than it deserves. People usually hate this show because of the sterotype that it is an "emo show", but there are no emo undertones in the show at all, and even Jhonen Vasquez (the creator) has denounced this (Search INvader Zim Fact #25 on google) (No Jhonen dosent hate his fans, dont even get me started on that rumor). Invader Zim actually has a lot of talent behind it, and a very unique sense of humor. Anyway, the show is incredibly funny, crazy, cute, somewhat dark, and even has a little satire on humanity in it. All of the characters are memorable, and every episodes plot is extremely unique for a kids show.

Sadly, this amazing show only got about 40 episodes, due to nickeloden having budget cuts. It has a VERY large fanbase (as a member of it, I must say it isnt as bad as people say), and they are currently working VERY hard to get the show back on the air (and theres actually a pretty good chance it could happen). If your into cute, dark, crazy stuffs, I would definitely recomend checking it out. All of my friends love it (me and them are all guys, btw), and they are all kinds of people. I discovered this show about a year ago, and Im still laughing at ZIM and GIR's stupidity and insanity.
ZIM: GIR... what does the G stand for?
GIR: I dont know!
ZIM looks confused and gir then starts laughing and rolling on the floor
ZIM: Um... is it supposed to be stupid?
Tallest: Its not stupid, Its advanced! (snickers)

-A normal moment in Invader ZIM.
by Daxie May 14, 2013
dumbasss- invader zim is the stupidest show ever. everyone loves it and i have no clue why. it sucks.
sane person- have you ever even watched it?
dumbass- no! im too busy displaying my unwanted opinions online and sucking dick!

sane person- ...the fuck...
by mordecai's_margaret July 02, 2011
A a short lived boring show heralded by hot topic goths everywhere as Nickelodeons "last hope" or the last great Nick show. Invader Zim is more of an icon for it's ironic fanaticism by hot topic goths buying up the merchandise more than they ever watched the show. Invader Zim wasn't cutting edge or had any real unique factors despite what it's fanbase says.

They blame Sponge Bob for it's demise, not realizing that Sponge Bob was a success even 2 years before Invader Zim aired, and the fact that many other Nicktoons survived the reign of Sponge Bob such as Chalk Zone, Jenny Teenage Robot, Fairly Odd Parents(which is actually the reason Invader Zim failed) and Jimmy Neutron, all shows that had good long runs.

Sponge Bob was actually Nick's last savior since they could probably run Sponge Bob all day and still bring in higher ratings than their whole current lineup.
Invader Zim is more popular for it's ironic consumerism by "non-conformist" goth kids, rather than the viwership its self.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI January 25, 2011

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