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Irkins inhabit the planet of Irk. The goal of the irkin race is to Conquer the entire galaxy or universe, both are stated wich is correct. Unknown.
Zim is an irken. The irkin society will also be stated by me from the scary monkey website.
by Max, The words biggest Zim fan August 16, 2006
A species from the planet Irk.

Their skin is very dry but their insides contain compressed excesses of liquid. Because of this, their body chemistry is volatile and concentrations of adrenaline can allow them superior speed and strength for short periods of time.

Irkens are sensitive and irritable when exposed to many Earth-based resources, but few (if any) materials can cause lasting injuries.

It is estimated that they are reptilian based off of the Mysterious Mysteries host describing Zim as having scales. However, Irkens do not seem to mate in modern society, being genetically manufactured (see Gattaca). Despite being presumably reptilian, Irkens have very humanistic proportions as well as mammal-like tendencies, behaviors, and movements.

Lastly, Irkens are a form of cyborg, their PAKs being cybernetic technology fused into their neural system, allowing them the use of four extra limbs (each containing a laser), and a communication device.

Irkens are very similar to humans in having megalomaniac and dominative tendencies. Their culture is similar to Asian culture, the civilians being hardworking and loyal to the Almighty Tallest.
Dib: He's not human! He's Irken!
by Kwing April 06, 2010
A type of alien about the size of a human child with green skin and bug-like eyes. These creatures are bent on conquering all known planegs.
Zim is part of an alien race! He's Irken!
by travisplatypus October 28, 2013
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