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A Nickelodeon show that was once interesting but was ruined by crappy little girls that get their parents to buy them shit at Hot Topic and run around in GIR T-shirts and talking about how much they love the show, which they've never seen, and how cool this makes them.
"Oh, I love GIR so much! No, I wasn't alive when the series came out and I don't actually know the plotline, but liking Invader Zim makes me cool and scene!"
by Miles Edgeworth August 04, 2008
An animated television show about an alien named Zim and his attempts to take over Earth. The show was created by Jhonen Vasquez and run by Nickelodeon. It was recently released on DVD by AnimeWorks. It was cancelled after only one season. It was also recently returned to the television channel YTV.
Invader Zam is a mis-spelling of Invader Zim.
by Micicle October 04, 2006
A show about an Irken invader sent to "The end of the universe" Earth on a secret mission ment to get rid of him he does his "best" to conquer Earth but paranormal enthusiest Dib stands in his way

OMFG I love this show it is like my second fave show (next to HTF)
FUCK Nick right up their ass for cancelling it!

I luv Invader Zim ;)
by Flippydaslasher November 23, 2007
1. One of the few good shows that ever aired on Nickelodeon. After it was canceled Nick just went downhill from there. It was canceled because some idiots got ticked off because they felt it was to dark and didn't recognize it for the genius work it was.

2. The meaning of life!
OMG Invader Zim is proof that there still may be hope for t.v. out there! Jhonen Vasquez is a genius!
by Devi96 August 06, 2010
An extreamly awesome and funny little green alien that used to air on nick until some faggots took him off.
Invader zim is an aweome little dude. All who hates him has no life.
by v9earthshine May 26, 2009
The greatest show ever to be aired on TV
Person 1: Who likes Invader Zim?
by Invader Kim May 27, 2010
Possibly one of the darkest (and one of my most favorite) cartoons on Nickelodeon.

Of course, it was canceled because Nick needs MOAR time for shit shows like iCarly.

Totally logical, amirite?
Nickelodeon's view:

Invader Zim = Dark
Dark = BAD!!!

*cancels show*

Most other people's view:

Invader Zim = Dark
Dark = Good!!
by ThatReallyWonderfulPerson August 12, 2010