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Abbreviation for Epinephrine (adrinaline) which makes your heart rate increase.
Give 5 miligrams of Epi... Stat
by EpiMaN October 02, 2005
The word you use when describing when somebody gets really angry. Aka a tantrum.
When we put a whoopee cushion on Mrs Jacob's chair she had a massive epi.
by Ellzabelle October 21, 2007
1. A generic insult

2. An individual who throws attention-seeking fits.
1. Damn! You're so epi!

2. I'm home alone with noone around. Time for an epi.
by Tony Frankie October 09, 2011
Abbreviation for episode
Dude, did you see the Simpsons last night?
-Yeah, it was a pretty good epi
by greener58 June 18, 2011
a short term for Epiphone guitars

or it means "outer" like in epicenter, epidermis, etc...
That's such a uber cool epi you played last night at the show!!!!!!!!!
by julingus00 January 23, 2005
Is an adjective used to state that somthing has epic status.

epi gives a nice break from the general over use of the word epic.

reference Randi

Sam 'Hey James, I just did 30 Epi-laps of the Nürburgring on Forza, driving class C cars.'

James 'Epi-wow!'

Sam 'Epi-yeah!'
by TheSpine5plitter October 08, 2008
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