The hit anime show created by Rumiko Takahashi. Set in Japan during the feudal era, the main characters are a half demon (Inuyasha) and a girl from present day Japan (Kagome). Long story short, a magical jewel gets broken and they (and friends they pick up along the way) have to find all the pieces.

Over all, the show has a very good premise, art, and general plot (I like it anyway). But Takahashi puts in far too many filler episodes and the plot at several places becomes stagnent and does not move forward, at all. (just like her other hit show, Ranma 1/2).
The last Anime episode ends with the main characters pretty much in the same position as they started out, and leaves the watchers going "what the HELL is this?"

(my suggestion: watch until your brain just can't handle anymore plot speed bumps and you simply can't see your beloved characters squandered. Then go online, and find the crazy amount of fan sites. If your a perv, I bet you are, you'll find lots of Inuyasha NC 17 stories and porn to satisfy you)
I quit watching Inuyasha after epi. 128, so now I read smutty Inuyasha fan fiction)
by Alex Canton June 11, 2007
1. Demon bitch.

Inu = dog
Yasha = female demon

2. An Anime series that is highly overrated as the result of a trend among certain American teenagers, most of which are about 5-10 years older than the Japanese fans.

3. Main character of the series 'Inuyasha'. Stubborn and one-sided sums up his personality. Many sane/intelligent Anime viewers will notice that once a month his hair goes dark and he becomes stroppy and weak, as well as the fact his battle tactics are to hold a large sword(with 'pubic hairs') in front of his crotch and try to shove it down the enemy's throat. Both things are sexually suggestive in some way and confuse what gender he's actually supposed to be. o.0;;
"INUYAASSHHAAAA!!!!" Kagome, nearly every Inuyasha episode she appears in.
"OMGZ I LUVV INUYHASA!!!!!!!1!ONE ITS THE BESTEST TV SHOW EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ELEVEN" Rabid Inuyasha fangirl #23987.
by Somnus June 27, 2005
A pretty good anime show. It follows the adventures of a Japanese high school girl , Kagome, who can travel between present day and Feudal Japan through an ancient well. The humans of the Feudal Era are terrorized by demons, some look very human while others are monsterous in appearance and size. Kagome meets a half demon, Inuyasha, and together with other friends they must collect the shards of a powerful crystal before evil demons use them to wreck havoc.
The overall plot is good and well thought out from what I've seen. The series tends to go at too slow a pace. Many episodes serve no point for the plot or for character developement. It tends to drag on and each episode follows the same basic path. The group comes across some village, person, or group which needs saving, they agree to help, Kagome (sometimes another girl) gets captured or trapped by some demon, Inuyasha saves her. There are some really great episodes that don't follow this format, but are lost in the sea of dozens of filler episodes. The series as a whole is well written and worth watching, but it may take 20 episodes to move the plot past one trivial subject and the main storyline forward.
Overall, it's worthwhile to watch, but the individual, unoriginal, storylines ruin the overall storyline of the series.
Inuyasha is an anime with way too many pointless filler episoeds to make it into a great one.
by Marisa08 July 12, 2006
A stupid anime show.
Logical person: Inuyasha is unoriginal.
by Snomeister August 03, 2005
his name means Lord of the Dogs (believe it or not)...

he had a human mother (sp?) and a demonic Leader for a father. or is it the other way around, they were both of high social class standing, so Inuyasha sama is also a Lord. some may hate it but u gotta live with some things

he was a wild demon who attacked humans and ate their livestock. he was out of control when he was in his demon form, and only in-check when he was in his human form.

he looks more like a demon than a half-demon cos half demons are half transformed and often look half demon and half human. he is one of the "demons that look like humans" so he is very dangerous and bad (one of the worst).

he is a very powerful demon that does not need special attacks to defend or attack. he is super fast, has a keen sense of smell, and has superhuman strength. one point is his skin is fine but very strong, does not cut by any sharp object or even string of the best quality. once he had a taste for fresh blood but kikyou fed him vegetables to curb this savage craving.

however, he has inherited from one of his parents (sp?) a sort of sympathy for humans, and sometimes this in his heart ties him down, and he doesn't want this feeling to become a burden.

a lot of humans from the villages thought he was scary, but kikyou saw him as a cute fluffy puppy dog. personality-wise, he is very mean to women and often likes to insult people, and women. he has a brother, i think he's called Sesshoumaru the killing blade. he is very stubborn but in other areas he's very good.

apparently he loved kikyou (or was it the other way around) because she was nice to him, and they shared a special bond that could not be broken by the strongest force. they were very close, initially, and often shared same thoughts in the mind. kikyou thought he belonged to her.

he is one of the better looking demons, which is pretty obvious when you REALLY look at him (close up). i mean look at his manners!!! they are so... u kno, refined. but he is nice in some ways
INUYASHA SIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Kagome

Inuyasha... you betrayed me... -- Kikyou
by kagome kagome April 29, 2007
The best anime show ever!!!!

Better than all the rest..seriously, it is. Actually intersting, not too violent, not just about fantasy characters, but some real people too.

Inuyasha is on adult swim on cartoon network...WATCH IT NOW!!!!! buy the overpriced box set dvds!!!!!

you too will become addicted! @_@
by Home Gurl November 06, 2006
1. The worst anime show on CCN...or any other network...period.
2. A show where a dog demon and a twenty-first century chick go back to feudal Japan with some fox midget-kid, a sexual harrassing monk and his raccoon friend (who turns into a giant penis on command whom they all fly on to get to places), and some boomerang chick go around fight other stupid looking demons.
3. A show for 5 year old, Japanese girls.
Inuyasha is the worst show since Trigun! I should be watching...anything else! Considering the fact that anime sucks the big one, I might as well kill myself for watching this asschees! I should get a FUCKING life!!!!
by jose blanco April 21, 2005

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