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A combination of intoxication and infection. It is the state one is in when they are ill with vomiting, diarrhea, a fever and a headache and the cause has yet to be determined by a doctor.
Dick was puking and shitting his pants so hard he was spinning cartwheels in midair. It might have been caused by the 10 vodka cruisers he drank the previous night, the bad Chinese food he had with it , a dog bite he got while traveling overseas or the bug his elderly mother just had. He called in to work sick and told his boss he had intoxification.
#intoxification #infection #intoxication #illness #food poisoning #alcohol poisoning
by FoodScigal July 13, 2014
This is the way you spell intoxication when you are dreaming of Friday night at the bar, race track, or weekend roping on a Tuesday afternoon.
I sure wish that I were in a state of intoxification right now... Alas, only three more days to go...
#intoxication #intoxicated #intoxified #drunk #hammered
by Elitebd March 23, 2010
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