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A scapegoat for ignoring certain sections in holy texts.

Me - "Hey Jimmy, did you know that Jesus tells women to keep silent in the churches?"

Jimmy - "Well, that's just your interpretation."

Me - "Hey Amar, did you know that the Qu'ran instructs its followers to conquer the earth, converting or subduing those in the process?"

Amar - "That's a flawed interpretation. MY Islam is a peaceful one."
by SocialistBJ March 28, 2009
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a way knowing if parts are applicable or not... synonymous to Mick
We've got an interpretation issue.. Quick call Mick!!
by Uncle Bozos August 05, 2010
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increasingly popular flash animations made on paint / powerpoint / microsoft movie maker, in which somebody takes a song, where it's hard to understand the lyrics. then if they don't like it, they can completely take the piss out of it and pwn it anyway they see fit. or if they like it, they can do an equally funny but good natured one.

started on youtube in about february 2006.
interpretation of fallout boy's dance dance = fallout boy's teds pants
by joey i am August 30, 2006
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