Actually a considerably nice app that the masses commonly mislead people about. Instagram lets you take pictures of your travels and whatnot and share it with your followers, aka the people who have chosen to see your pictures on their feed. Lots of celebrities use Instagram, which let's you see what their lives are like. Instagram has gotten a lot of bad rep for crappy filters and overusage by "hipsters" and "faggots", but it's actually a pretty cool app, one worth trying at least.
Guy 1: Dudezz, why r u on Instagram lolz???!!
Guy 2: Instagram is pretty cool, so I'm putting up a photo of my recent endeavor to a pro soccer game

Guy 1: Lollzzz Instafag, only hipsters n faggets use that app !11!1
Guy 2: Die.
by EpicMamo August 20, 2013
A website where users can upload pictures for their friends to see. Sadly this is not the case, since most teenagers ask for "shoutouts" constantly to get people to follow them. Once these kids have a few thousand followers, whom they do not know or have never met, they will constantly ask for likes and pretend to be instafamous. These kids mostly only upload selfies with a goofy ass filter on them with over used hashtags as the caption.
Instagram Kid: *posts selfie of himself in sunglasses*

Oh you know just chillen #like #likeitup #shoutmeout #doshoutout #like4like #l4l #shoutout4shoutout #s4s #cool #lilwayne #helladope #swagpics
by nate987 September 24, 2013
Used for white girls to post selfies with them doing duck faces, pictures of their dogs, or their latest purchase at Starbucks they are drinking that day. All while judging their popularity with how many likes they get on their picture.
Did you see my latest picture on Instagram? I got like 50 likes, I feel so cool.
by bjw3712 February 09, 2014
A photo editing and sharing app for iphone and ipod touch initially but was brought to android in april '12, and at the same time was bought buy Mark zuckerberg for 1 billion USD,

Creating an account to use this app fusses many decent and wise people while the fools are amazed by its little effects that makes their sad pictures look cool and vintage
Emo girl: Hey checkout my instagram pics, just uploaded new ones
Straight non metrosexual guy: I'm gonna diss that, you know, i hate all those hos like pics on that app, personally i prefer pixlr-o-matic
by Stalkerbehindya May 04, 2012
A mobile application that proves humanity is slowly falling apart. The new generation of humanity believes every meal, event, outfit, funny pic or stupid thing needs to be shown and displayed on the internet for all to see as if anyone gives a fuck. Modern day teenagers live most of their lives on Instagram to constantly stay in touch and observe what other people are up to but really what they are doing is wasting their time on useless shit. Instagram is BS and addicts need to be tamed by their parents who let them have this crap.
Teenagers are addicted to Instagram as if alcoholics are to beer.
by Royk72 August 22, 2014
A unit of measurement used by hipsters in which "coolness" is determined. The more "artsy" pictures they can create they cooler they become in the realm of what is hip.

Also, a unit of measurement to determine just how self absorbed, attention needy and undateable some people actually are through the amount of selfies they put on Instagram, as if Facebook isn't enough.
Guy 1- "Whoa! That chick has about 350 selfies on Instagram."

Guy 2- "Yeah, wow, that makes her about a 7.5/10 on the undateable scale. Good luck to anyone stuck with her."

Even though that hipster has put up 200 "art" photos on Instagram that look like they were left out in the sun on the end of a coffee table and substituted as a drink coaster, he's considered the hip of the hipest now by the hipster community.
by O.G. Junior Mint May 29, 2015
A photo-sharing platform and app used mainly for its post-processing filters and effects. Intragram's user base consists mainly of hipsters.

Instragram is the early 2010s version of the "sepia pandemic" of the late 1990s and early 2000s, when digital cameras were considered new and their users applied the sepia filter gratuitously.
"Take a look at this 1980s polaroid of graffiti that someone scanned!"

"Dude, that's just an Instagram photo of a wall in downtown Toronto in 2013."
by hipster_of_the_month May 08, 2013
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