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A term you use when someone does something incredibly moronic while wasted.

When said, the term must be uttered in the same way humiliation is uttered in the Quake games
person 1: What! Cindy's pregnant......How did this happen!
person 2: Inebriation!

person 1: Dude! Carl got killed in a car accident
person 2: Inebriation!
person 1: ............What The...Fffuck!, is wrong with you!
person 2: Inebriation!
by Titty von Winker dude March 15, 2011
alcoholic. someone who frequently and sometimes ritually drinks alcohol.
He was in such a state of inebriation, he had to buy a new 12-pack every day.
by Brandon Kirchner June 16, 2007
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