An imp is a woman, or occasional a man, who is past the age of 18 but looks to be about 12 or so. Permanently child like, but they don't do it on purpose.
How is a girl that's 12 in a bar?" "She's an imp.
by Infernorage July 04, 2011
A small demon, usually from usually from 2-3 feet tall at full growth.

Midna is an Imp. The coolest Imp I know (and the only Imp I know).
I love Midna in her Imp form!
by Pweegue August 11, 2009
An acronym.
Means 'Incredibly Muss Person'.
A popular euphemism used by teenagers, and common place in high schools.
'Her boyfriend is such an imp'
by lionheart199916 September 18, 2013
Insane Monster Period. When your monthly cycle is particularly bad and/or driving you insane.

Pronounced like "imp", like the tiny devil that it is (not I-M-P like an abbreviation.)
Why are you stumbling around like a drunken psychopath?" "Oh, I'm just going to pass out from blood loss from this stupid IMP.
by midnightflame August 06, 2011
In My Pants
"We Have to Save Elizabeth!" "And Where do you propose we Start?" "IN MY PANTS"
by Bluehorn July 22, 2003
In My Pants

A term used when something or someone is desirable or attractive
Dude i know, i wanted her so bad, Imp.
by hoodledoodle November 21, 2010
Pronounced as 'imp' it means "Instant Massive Penis". Refers to a very quick erection.
Dude, she totally I.m.p.'d me!

Aw crap, just got an I.m.p.!
by Horny Middle Schooler July 27, 2010

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