a quite liberal group of misled youth mostly hailing from Weymouth, Massachusetts. IMP is short for Impossible. They are fueled by Taco Bell and nerdy antics.
"Oh this kid ran up to me the other and screamed "IMP"

"Oh yea?"

"Yea then he kicked me square in the nuts"
by Brandon Cantanoodle June 05, 2007
A Imp is a shortened version for the word simpelton which is a form of a dumb ass, re-re , or in other words a simple minded person.
Sally:I tried to sniff coke before, but the ice cubes kept getting stuck in my nose.
Tom:You Imp.
by Kerianne July 04, 2005
a small creature that watches the un-explored forested areas of north america.
holy fuck, thats an imp!
by len July 17, 2004
A little creature capable of creating fire with their minds.
I wish i an imp but no i'm just a pyro......oh well.
by Alan Swieszewski February 10, 2004
A wooden ferryboat. (A knotty ferry)
Percival took a ride on an imp.
by Bearinwoods, P.E. August 30, 2003
Acronym for "International Music Pirate". Essentially, someone who downloads music from any of the free "illegal" music download sites from a country where downloading isn't officially "illegal" (Canada as an example) and whom then sends those songs to people in countries where it is illegal (the USA as an example)
Oh ya, I got that album from my IMP in Canada. Excellent tunes. You should check it out
by Gerard B July 03, 2006
This word is actually the name of a boys car. The "Hilman Imp" is an English car and yes it is the biggest peice '0' shit you'll ever see. Someone should come an shit on it, and its driver!
Dude, i saw the Imp last night, it looked so crap i got a massive huge erection
by guzzly et al April 05, 2005

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