a guy who cant get his dick hard.
I tried to fuck that bitch and all I came up with was imp.
Thats weak dude.
by The Pstives March 27, 2005
when something is implied
"He's looking at me weird, theres imp of a fight"
"Man that girl is hot..theres chopping imp"
by JenJust May 27, 2006
Something very cool. come from the brokenness of the card Chimney Imp
Dude, that game is teh imp.
by Daenyth October 16, 2004
acronym for Insert My Penis.
G: Dude, check out the ass on that one!
E: Ya, I should definitely IMP...
by shark July 15, 2004
sum retarded person named aye who thinks shes really cool(see LOSER)
retarded person named aye!
by miniafromeredith July 30, 2003

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