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A highly rare species of a deer. Among some of its characteristics you may find an exceptional intelligence, an exrtaordinary capability to analyze situations (sometimes used for its benefit, sometimes might harm it), and a developed sense of humor.

I've met only one in my life, and therefore I can't tell if this character is mutual to all: Breathtaking Beauty.
They seem to have talking eyes, stunning eye lashes, masculine yet boyish features and beautifully thin lips.
Thier skin is like an endless desert - and when you look at it, you immediately sense this spin of nature's infinity.
They are very active, therefore thier bodies are built splendidly.

The Idolos are highly intimate, cherich thier families and known for having a great sense of morality.

They seem to have some strong connection to a specific flower. It is important to mark that thier nutrition is totally vegan, therefore it is still a mystery how come they protect this certain flower (which is called ayula) and eat all others.
There's no example to something so genuine.
by Ayula March 17, 2005

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