Using a frozen turd as a dildo. Sometimes a condom is used to form the feces into the desired shape, but this is optional, and dependant on the firmness and consistency of the stool sample.
My last girlfriend was a prude. She dumped me after I went to the freezer and showed her the Icey Mike I had planned for her...I mean us.
by UncleShags July 03, 2006
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There's a few different "Icey Mikes", but one I've heard is where you take a shit, freeze it, and then when it's frozen a girl has sex with the frozen turd, just like a dildo.
That girl gave herself an Icey Mike, I'm never touching her again!
by Juggalo17 February 10, 2007
Filling a condom up with water, much in the same style as a water baloon, freezing it and then using it for insertion, either on ones self or on another.
"My girlfriend loves playing with ice cubes, so I made an icey mike to really get her going..."
by defonezers February 21, 2007
n. - The act of ejaculating into an ice cube tray and letting the semen freeze thoroughly, then using the ejaculate ice cubes in an unsuspecting guests drink.
man #1 - Let's pull an icey mike on Joe! He's coming over in 3 hours!

man #2 - Ok, I'll cum in the ice cube tray, you check to see if my ethiopian can opener is ready!
by Bexxx June 02, 2004
n- the original Icey Mike was a urine-filled condom that was frozen in order to be used as a sex toy -- e.g. dildo.
Instead of giving her a Golden Shower, he decided to make her an Icey Mike for when he was away.
by Narmenel January 22, 2009
my bong that rips minds with its freezing cold smoke due to its ice catcher
fuck dude icey mike got me caught last night i got too high
by mistah freeze July 16, 2008

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