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Using a frozen turd as a dildo. Sometimes a condom is used to form the feces into the desired shape, but this is optional, and dependant on the firmness and consistency of the stool sample.
My last girlfriend was a prude. She dumped me after I went to the freezer and showed her the Icey Mike I had planned for her...I mean us.
#frozen turd #frozen poop #frozen shit #shit dildo #poop popsicle
by UncleShags July 03, 2006
The shit sculpture that forms at the rear of the toilet seat when one has sat too far back while defecating. A portion of the turd scrapes off and piles up in the buttcrack which acts as a mold, creating the shape of a rhinoceros horn.
Man, my ass is getting huge! That was my third Rhinoceros this week!
#shit #poop #crap #toilet #seat
by UncleShags July 03, 2006
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