I.R.A....The Irish Republican Army
Formed to help reliate against British rule..
I.R.A fight the black and tans
Tiocfaidh ar la :D
by sian223 July 13, 2008
Irish Republican Army. Formed in 1969 as the clandestine armed wing of the political movement Sinn Fein, the IRA is devoted both to removing British forces from Northern Ireland and to unifying Ireland. The IRA conducted attacks until its cease-fire in 1997 and agreed to disarm as a part of the 1998 Belfast Agreement, which established the basis for peace in Northern Ireland. Dissension within the IRA over support for the Northern Ireland peace process resulted in the formation of two more radical splinter groups: Continuity IRA (CIRA), and the Real IRA (RIRA) in mid to late 1990s. The IRA, sometimes referred to as the PIRA to distinguish it from RIRA and CIRA, is organized into small, tightly-knit cells under the leadership of the Army Council.
Traditional IRA activities have included bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, punishment beatings, extortion, smuggling, and robberies. Before the cease-fire in 1997, the group had conducted bombing campaigns on various targets in Northern Ireland and Great Britain, including senior British Government officials, civilians, police, and British military targets. The groups refusal in late 2004 to allow photographic documentation of its decommissioning process was an obstacle to progress in implementing the Belfast Agreement and stalled talks. The group previously had disposed of light, medium, and heavy weapons, ammunition, and explosives in three rounds of decommissioning. However, the IRA is believed to retain the ability to conduct paramilitary operations. The groups extensive criminal activities reportedly provide the IRA and the political party Sinn Fein with millions of dollars each year; the IRA was implicated in two significant robberies in 2004, one involving almost $50 million.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ August 13, 2011
A group which protected the irish people from the british army. fought for a united ireland where the british empire had no say over the country. also helped fight for catholic rights in northern ireland. the catholic minority were treated as 2nd class citizens causing them to be likened to the blacks in america. many held a high regard for the ira during the troubles as they offered protection from the largely sectarian RUC(police force). they used violence both as a defence and later to attack the british. the british labled them as terrorists and many suspected of being a member of the ira were badly treated.
by eireanngobraigh May 06, 2009
Irish Republican Army, an organization variously labeled a terrorist group, rebels, freedom fighters or various other things. Contrary to some people who claim they kill without discretion, a quick look at the numbers will show that the ratio dead soldiers, politicians, cops and paramilitaries to the number of dead by-standers and civilians, is actually better then those of the RUC, or almost any standing army.
based on numbers taken from Wikipedia, about 36.7% of people killed by Republican forces where civilians, when in the entire conflict about 65% of those killed where civilians. Means that the Republicans did a lot better job of killing legitimate targets then other factions did. Also, estimates for the number of dead in Iraq exceeds half a million, when the US government has only ever estimated the number of insurgents as being around 20,000. So, that means at best 96%; but that is actually pretty typical for aerial bombing campaigns, and is probably much better then the Nazi siege of Leningrad (modern Saint Petersburg), or the fire bombing of Dresden or many other actions taken in World War Two
by eyezeek January 09, 2010
A hugely positve force in Ireland which contained many brave and heroic men up until 1949 when (most of) Ireland won its independence from England and hence forth lost its porpose. Faded since the war independence and the civil war when it led Ireland to winning its independence but re-emerged as a terrorist organisation in the 1970's pointlessly murdering hundreds of people. Do not mistake the Heros of the old IRA for the murdering Provisional IRA of the 1970's onwards.
Micheal Collins general in the IRA, squad killed many top british leaders in the war of Independence,
by sean obrien November 28, 2007
- verb
To "Ira" someone, is to assult them with an excessive amounts of questions. Often relating to scheduling, but not always.
Todd: Frank, what's your schedule today?
Frank: I'm off.
Todd: What about tomorrow?
Frank: I work until 6 pm.
Todd: How about next Thursday?
Frank: Ughh, I think I work.
Todd: Do you think you will be off September 8th?
Frank: Fuck man, I don't know, stop being such a Ira!
by hipsterwhiteguy August 25, 2014
-Sanskrit word for Earth.
-Russian short name for Irina.
-Irish Republican Army (IRA)
Ira is a derivation of the name Irina or Irene.
by blodyn February 04, 2010

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