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The Palestinian Liberation Organization,
Ebin was a coolie that I used to know,
Now he's down with the PLO
He's Kickin' it live with the KKK;
by CecilAdams July 09, 2005
acronym for Please Leave On, its for important information written on school black boards so that janitors won't erase and clean it.
| 1+1=2 |
| |
| p.l.o. |
by Connotator May 16, 2005
An IM Acronym for "Parents Looking Over Shoulder".
<Joe>I got the best porno, want me to send it?
<Jack>WAIT! Plos!
<Joe>Yeah, I can't believe the packers lost.
by ParkerM July 27, 2007
A well known gamer who has left a devastating trail of high scores and sore losers in the FPS (First Person Shooters) world (2001 - 2009).
Well known amongst Unreal Tournament 99 (Game of the Year) sniper. Renowned for helping create a new play style known as 'Freestyle'. Also known for endlessly exploiting game benefits such as armor power ups and 'Redeemers'.
One of the original members and founders of the well known Clan XiS (unknown meaning) P-Lo was declared an outcast from UT99 community when cheating logs surfaced.
Later these cheating logs were proven to be fake and created by a set of community members believe to have been humiliated by p-lo in a 1vs1 ladder competition.
This player has helped many others reach their goals in beating top scores and learning how to properly adjust themselves to play styles, a true gamer.
I believe player name is going to be plowned.
He's trying to pull a p-lo (fetching all power ups before an encounter)
by SK gaming analyst September 29, 2012
a person impossible to understand.
someone who's actions are completely

irrational and nonsensical.
"who ate all the guacamole?"
"mmm, must have been a plo."

"oh that guacamole just got ploed!"
by doctabootnocka July 23, 2009
Is a style of rap started by the wu tang clan derived from the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and their unorthodox means of fighting and running into battle against stronger opponents with ak47's and rpg's with no fear and
Siege of Beirut
during the Siege of Beirut the P.L.O. and there allies numbered at 12,000 while the Israelis and there allies numbered at 76,000still the P.L.O outnumbered and out gunned still crazily fought to the death this is why they used the term P.L.O. STYLE
by wu tang lover September 24, 2011
Permanent latrine orderly. A mock-title for a military assignment to undesirable, insignificant, menial and unpleasant duties.
PVT Smith found himself as PLO after his latest SNAFU.
by vicnet1942 April 05, 2010
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