The Irish Republican Army enjoys the reputation around the world of being freedom fighters and fighting against oppression but in reality are murdering terrorists. The IRA claims to be fighting oppression which isn't there and believe that the pre-dominantly Unionist North of Ireland should be part of the Nationalist Republic. Responsible for numerous atrocities against innocent people and men in the UDR (Ulster Defence Regiment) in the Troubles during which 60% of the deaths they were responsible for. Methods include shootings, bombings and intimidation. Have ripped apart many law abiding, innocent familie's lives.
"The DUP will not negotiate with Sinn Fein as they remain heavily linked with the IRA"
by Double G August 08, 2006
Irish Republican Army.

Irish terrorist outfit responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent victims.

Funded by: Irish Americans who have never been to Ireland.

Linked with: Middle Eastern Terror groups, and formerly the Communist regiem in the USSR, see 'irony'.

Favourite tactic: Hiding behind human shields of Catholic women and children in housing estates in Northern Ireland. Also, claiming to be an Army, but not having the guts to have a stand up fight with a REAL army, or wear a uniform.

Lasting legacy: Calling a cease fire and disarming. Or surrendering, to give it a military term (after all they ARE an army ;) ).
The IRA have surrendered, and England still rules Northern Ireland. Go England!
by StGeorge November 02, 2006
1. A school called the Inverness Royal Academy, commonly refered to as the IRA, however has no connections, except being full of neds.

2. The Irish Republican Army, a partially disbanded army prominent in Northern Ireland which only teaches people how to shoot and blow up others
1 and 2. Ah fuckin hate the IRA, pure piece of shite it is.
by Radge April 23, 2006
Bunch of thick fuckers who don't realise that a united ireland couldnt work on two levels.
1. the nordies would suck us dry financially,
2. a united irelands political system would be extremely complicated.
Most of their time is spent knee capping and selling dodgy diesel!
To support sinn fein of the ira is illogical
by colm_sligo March 09, 2005
the EXACT same thing as sinn fein
the dirty rebels responsible for 30 years of trouble in northern ireland and countless deaths of innocent women and children. favourite past times include,
1. bombing cemetaries
2. bombing busy towns and telling the police to lead the innocent into the midlde of the bombs
3. trying to kill hundreds at the 2005 belfast marathon
the list is endless
famous ira members include gerry adams and martin mcguiness
like to moan alot and kill to get their way
Gerry - sinn is not the IRA (spoof)
by king billy on the wall May 05, 2005
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