This term stands for an "ideal black man." This term is mainly used by African-Americans and it was mentioned a lot in the movie Something New.
girl 1: I want a nice tall brotha whose been to college, has a respectable job, doesn't have any kids, and is fione

girl 2: girlfriend that is hard to find these days

girl 1: well thats my IBM, ideal black man.
by Shadé Q. August 26, 2007
This is an acronym for the term Ideal Black Man. A term that most African American women use to describe their dream guy. This description usually refers to a black man who is a christian, loves kids, successful, talented, honest, loyal, trustworthy, no baggage, and sexxy as hell!!!
Tanya: Girl, I think Johvan is ma IBM.
Jenae: Yeah? Wow, there aint a lotta them out there in tha world. When you think you caught one, hang on tight n dont let go!
by yuu.dnt.need.2.kno March 27, 2010
ibm is an acronym for "international business machines." it is a widely known computer company.

ibm started quite a while ago - we could probably safely assume around the time of ENIAC, or earlier. they created a standard in computers (i.e., an ibm-compatible machine) and are still around.

despite ibm's age, they never broke up like ma bell.
bill:i got an ibm machine
by unusu-al May 23, 2004
A company whose Global Services consultants are some of the most arrogant and poorly trained technologists in the history of the world.
We hired IBM Global Services and subsequently went bankrupt.
by x-IBMer August 16, 2003
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