International Business Machines, or In Barry's Mom
I'm gettin' IBM tonight!!!!!
by buddybacon October 24, 2005
Instant Boner Marker.

The acronym is pretty self explanatory. To be used to describe a hot chick. If she is hot enough to be an IBM, you will get a boner instantly.
Damnn check her our, she's an IBM (Instant boner maker).
by fattymatty3000 June 26, 2011
Short for Important Business Man.
Q: Dude, what are you gonna do when you graduate from college?
A: I'm gonna be an IBM. Gotta make that cash!
by briantroy December 08, 2009
Inmensa Bola de Mierda, spanish for Giant Ball of Shit.
You are an IBM

Eres una GBS
by Tu mama, si la tuya! November 30, 2010
I Blame Meyer

A good explanation for anything from canon- sues to murder.
She sicced Cedward and the BellBitch on us, SHE DESERVES TO DIE. Swine- flu? IBM.
by sparemint November 21, 2009
I Blame Microsoft
Thank you for calling I Blame Microsoft.
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
Instant Bowel Movement
I had a IBM, this afternoon
by madman32395 February 02, 2010

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