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A Short-Sleeved Genius is a person, usually a male, who abuses their minor managerial role within a business setting. This person utilizes their limited power to assert complete authority or assumed knowledge in an aggressive manner. Think a psycho Pep Boys manager or Dwight from The Office. While anyone wearing short sleeves and a tie is a potential Short-Sleeved Genius, it is not a mandatory dress code.
I was at the DMV getting my license renewed when some Short-Sleeved Genius told me I was in the wrong line. He threatened to "write me up" if I didn't change lines. WTF, I don't even work there!
by briantroy December 01, 2009
An individual, either male or female, who surreptitiously grips the ass of another person without permission.
I was at the club with my girlfiends and some booty baller pretended to bump into me; but he was cute so I kinda liked it.
by briantroy December 07, 2009
An individual so addicted to Facebooking that he/she spends the majority of their day devoted to the act, or, seeking means by which they can Facebook. While nearly all Face Basers eventually become unemployable due to their addiction, some are able to hold a job and maintain typical, if highly annoying, lifestyles.
I was at my uncle's funeral and my Face Baser cousin is updating his profile during the service.
by briantroy December 07, 2009
A male, usually under 30 years of age, suffering from a a condition that forces him to act in such a manner that his exposed muscles are constantly in a flexed position.
We were at the bar and some Posturing Pete showed up wearing a tank top and he had some skanky chick that smelled like cat food with him. He tried to play tough, but everyone just laughed.
by briantroy December 20, 2009
1. The act in which a man attempts to place one or both of his gonads into his own anus.

2. Any man who attempts the above action.
1. I caught Dave in the bathroom brown nutting.

2. Dave is a complete brown nut.
by briantroy March 10, 2011
Short for Important Business Man.
Q: Dude, what are you gonna do when you graduate from college?
A: I'm gonna be an IBM. Gotta make that cash!
by briantroy December 08, 2009
Cocaine, a derivative of cocaine or any effect achieved from the use of cocaine.
I snorted, smoked and bathed in tiger blood. Now I have tiger blood coursing in my arteries.
by briantroy March 10, 2011

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