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The perfect combination of Harry Potter and Twilight. Both played by the gorgeous Robert Pattinson.

"So avada kadara just turns you into a really hott vampire, great plan voldy."
Me: So who do you like better Cedward or Cedward?
Person: Thats the same person.
Me: If you were cool you would know that that is clearly two people....
#twilight #edward #cedric #harry potter #love #hott
by artfreak63 March 30, 2009
A joint name for the two well-known characters portrayed by actor Robert Pattinson.
Cedric Diggory, in Harry Potter, &
Edward Cullen, of the Twilight saga.
I love me some Cedward! om nom nom.
#edward cullen #twilight #harry potter #bella swan #vampire
by Priscilla Ann January 21, 2009
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