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Oral sex on a snowman
by Wouter March 13, 2003
greek: dead-love
one who derives sexual pleasure from cadavers
Necrophilia: Cause dead chicks cant say no!
by Wouter March 13, 2003
International Baccalaureate
An international high school diploma thingy (it kills your brain! dont do it!)
If you can actually spell 'International Baccalaureate' you are probably doing the IB.
by Wouter March 22, 2003
The instinctual and primordial fear of dyslectics. Dyslectophobics will not come near a dyslexic, or any other misspelling.
"Tony likes to shout profanities at toddlers, I think he may have dyslectophobia."
by Wouter September 08, 2005

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