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A maleveloent programme whose objective is to destroy the race smart students . To go about this, the programme has many methods. The first method is to give superfluous homework. This tactic is used so that the student becomes too overwhelmed with homework that their brains fry into an abyss of nothingness. The second method consists of putting a burden of a 20 ton "backpack" on the students back, making them physically weak and unable to support their own body. Often, during this stage, the student complains of back problems and the development of spinal injury. The third method is to deprive the student of his/her sleep. This makes the students do poorly on their tests and final evaluations. The fourth method, the most evil, is that the program tricks its students into beleiving that they will get into any university they try for. Unfortunatley, several students fall for this. Lastly, to renforce the destruction of the smart, the program usually consists of biased teachers, overacheiving robots DISGUISED as IB students, 150 CAS hours to complete, mind-abolishing essays and useless confusing subjects like TOK.
IB student: "Wow, I FINALLY get to go to bed at 4:00AM! It's an early night!"
by Celeste457 January 04, 2007

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