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being over it
person 1: you failed your math quiz?
person 2: im over it
by Erin NC September 13, 2008
5 1
No longer being interested in (participating in) something; having had enough of it; having lost a former interest or affection for something.
origin: To get over someone or something traditionally means that he, she or it is no longer in your thoughts.
c/f 'get over it'
You can have this puzzle back, I'm over it.

I'm over going out to bars and looking for girls
by stephenz April 22, 2004
7 5
Phrase used to denote ones lack of interest in an item that is still currently popular.

The preposition 'so' can also be used to denote chronic lack of interest.
jenna: "have you heard the new britney single?"
briana: "nah, i'm over it"

mugatu: "hansel, he's so hot right now!"
derek: "i am so over it"
by rchinn April 30, 2004
4 3
A statement commonly used to distract people from the fact that one is NOT actually over something. Mainly used to avoid rough situations or conversations.
Molly said "I'm Over It", but we all know we'll be hearing about this again.
by JG88 June 05, 2014
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it was cool for a while but now it is old
Man i'm so over this song
by phillip roman April 26, 2004
3 3
What it takes woman four weeks to say and guys about one beer, possible two.
Jennie: Yeah, I'm over it.
Madalyn: That was TWO BOYFRIENDS AGO!
Brad: Yeah, I'm over it, but you're paying.
Todd: Screw you man!
by calm down damn it April 21, 2004
7 8
bring it up again, and I break your face, asshole.

Similar to: stfu
Considerate asshole/friend: Dude... sorry about M...elany. Yeah, she was hot. That's too bad man.

Response: Her name is Melissa. Oh, but uh, I'm over it.
Friend: Dude... you crying?
Response: hell no, let's just watch TV.
by Rob April 20, 2004
14 15