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A word you should never end a sentence with.
John: Where are you at?
Grammarian: NO! You can't end a sentence with a preposition!
John: Fine. Where are you at, asshole?
by Denlah August 05, 2012
To, from, on, et cetera.
“A preposition is something you shouldn’t end a sentence with.”
by Victor Van Styn August 07, 2005
Preposition (v): asking for sex using just only words, typically used to describe relationship of a subject and its constituent phrase.
I prepositioned her, asking "atop, or beneath?"
by M. Drewdle May 09, 2014
A grammar term that you do understand except for it's taboo use at the end of sentences.

It's actually not that taboo.
"Where's my preposition at?"
"I've seen that preposition before."
"What is a preposition atop?"
by T. Barr July 10, 2008
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