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A process to get more gas mileage in your car. Because of rising gas prices, this has become more popular. It combines drafting, air pressure in tires, and other techniques.
Gas prices are so high that I've been hypermiling even though I have a Prius.
by ScouterSig May 01, 2008
* Method(s) of increasing your car's gas mileage by making skillful and simple changes to your car parts and the way you drive it,
* Any way of saving gas an easier time withstanding the rising oil and gas prices
"Will make the 200 mile trip because I hypermile my car"
"drafting on the highway wasn't working so I hypermile my car by fixing my air pressure in my tires"
"yo bro, I saved a lot by hypermiling this week"
"let's car-pull and hypermile are asses to work"
by C2theE June 12, 2008
The best way to save fuel if you are the only person on the road / salt flats.
A very conceited and dangerous way to drive on a pubic street or highway. Will probably increase accidents and stimulate road rage.
Hey look at me!!! I am hypermiling a hybrid a few miles to work in which I should be walking or biking to really save fuel and lose weight!!1! FTW!!
by brian30 June 15, 2008
Driving techniques and car mods aimed at increasing your gas mileage to the absolute max. Often practiced with a Toyota Prius or other hybrid vehicle.
Yoshi is hypermiling cross country this week. He is trying to go from Chicago to LA on one tank of gas!

by nogas April 07, 2007
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