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Another way to say "no way" or "quit playin"
Person 1: Hey I just won $100 on a lottery ticket!

Person 2: Get off the gas.
by Rebekah P July 26, 2007
To refrain from saying, doing, suggesting, thinking of doing, or acting as if at some some point in time you would do, something retarded or just plain illogical.
I think I'ma go check out the new boys like girls cd""get off the gas...
by nickbaney August 04, 2010
term used to say "stop talking" or "be quite"

or maybe even to say what you are saying is really stupid so you should just stop talking
person: man i just got laid last night

person 2: dude "get off the gas" you know nobody wants you
by poetic_nature October 11, 2009
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