Hurf hurf.

H-U-R-F, that spells hurf.

Hurf hurf hurf hurf hurf hurf hurf hurf hurf hurf hurf.
H-U-R-F That spells hurf credit report dot com hurf hurf
by Hurf Hurf April 28, 2008
To fuck everything up
" I just hurfed up so bad"
by frink July 28, 2013
In New Zealand slang, to throw, chuck, fling, etc, with force. Possibly as a portmanteau of hurl and turf.

Also less commonly used in context to describe vomiting, by association with 'throwing' up.
"The silly buggers got lippy at the bouncer so he hurfed them out the door."

"Hey mate, gizza hand to hurf this couch up on the back of my ute will ya."

"I've too much to drink, feel like I'm gonna hurf <bleuuugh>... ah bugger, sorry 'bout ya dress love, it'll come out in the wash, she'll be right, just pick the chunks off."
by Number36 February 24, 2013
to vomit, throw up, spew
after drinking too much everclear i had to hurf
by wildchild89 June 30, 2011
To inhale or snort.
Emma, pliz hurf some insecticide kthx.
by KingTT June 22, 2003

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