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In modern internet vernacular, a generic all-purpose phrase that roughly equates to "duh," and can be used in a variety of situations to indicate stupidity.
Person #1: That horrible website somethingawful.com stole my intellectual property by taking pictures that I had on MY WEBSITE and manipulating them in offensive ways with Photoshop! I shall send them a legal threat posthaste!

Person #2: (summarizing Person #1's statement for others) HURF-DURF INTERNET LAWSUIT
by Jett November 14, 2006
A thing that humens have to fight for. The preferred method of fighting for freedome is not to go no where. Other techniques include throwing granaid, barking necks, shoting people with the torret gun, and ducking bullets and rackets.
"Dad humens have to fight for freedome!" Henry Freeman said and didnt go no where neither. -- squirrelking, "Half-Life Full-life Consequences: Free Man"
by Jett September 23, 2009
An award given out by the Norwegian-based Nobel committee. In the dark and oppressive capitalistic society of the 20th century, the prize was one of the most coveted and hard to win of all the Nobel prizes, given only to people who actually, like DID something, such as devoting their lives to the service of others or some other worthless garbage.

In the more enlightened recent age, thankfully, this unfair requirement no longer exists. One merely needs to be able to TALK about doing good things, at length and with great charisma. Whether you actually follow through on your promises is no longer relevant. 2009's prize being awarded to Barack Obama is a huge step in this direction.

At the rate things are going, by 2015 we can expect to see the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to the first player to collect Pacific Avenue, North Carolina Avenue, and Pacific Avenue in the McDonald's Monopoly sweepstakes. This is truly a great time to be alive.
I just won the Nobel Peace Prize! I'm lovin' it!
by Jett October 15, 2009
A made-up age group, ranging from about 8 to early teens, used by parents to justify why they are allowing their prepubescent daughters to dress and behave like sluts.
*: "Why is your nine-year-old wearing a midriff top, low-rise jeans, and eight pounds of eyeshadow and lipstick?"
Girl's mother: (taking a long drink of boxed wine and shrugging) "Why not? She's a tween!"
*: "She also has a tramp stamp."
Girl's mother: "I believe I just said she was a tween."
*: "I think she's sexting a college student."
Girl's mother: "TWEEN!"
by Jett April 16, 2010
1. (n.) The capacity of a person to handle or absorb aggravation, i.e. "shit." The implication is that when the "shitfuse" runs out, that will be when the proverbial shit hits the fan.

2. (v.) To become strongly adhered to a sitting surface, usually due to extreme laziness.
I'm going to go shitfuse myself to the couch and watch anime until Mom comes home and starts that whole "now that you're 37 I really think you should start looking for a job" bullshit again. Man, that's really starting to burn down my shitfuse.
by Jett February 07, 2005
1. A derogatory term for anyone who reproduces, ever. Generally used by antisocial virgin nerds whose own nurturing instincts are limited to Pokemon. Ironically, most such individuals still live with their parents.

2. A derogatory term for a heterosexual. Generally used by homosexuals.

3. A derogatory term for selfish, irresponsible, or self-absorbed parents. Generally used by anyone who has ever had to listen to a screaming small child that does not belong to them, or anyone who has ever seen octomom's insipid, collagen-filled face on a TV screen or magazine cover.
Those fucking breeders had better not bring their screaming crotchlings to the Transformers 2 premiere! What do they think this is, a kids' movie?
by Jett June 12, 2009
the process of freezing your ass OFF because you are against wearing no-ass pants while having an ass.
Arnie experinced freezation against his will because of a strange gay man.
by Jett February 25, 2004

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