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Used extensively in the 1970's film "Boys from the black stuff" it is a short form of "give us a"
...gizza job, I can do that, gizza job...
by BorisMcHack October 28, 2004
Abbr. of 'Give us a bit/one'
Originates from a friendly and intelligent town dweller who annoys anyone with food by repeating the phrase until either kicked or offered a PSM2.
Nice cake...ehem...GIZZA!

Blowjobs for a quid eh? Bargain. Gizza!
by avenger of the idiots February 11, 2005
when you cum in a girl mouth while she's givin head.
Yo dawg,my girl put my dick in her mouth and i was lik 'gizza'
by jb January 16, 2004
An elongated douche.
Big girls need gizzas.
by John Lanburg August 17, 2003