1. Is an Evil boss who likes to bully his staff to getting more work the minute they open their mouths to ask about something or to mention an idea.

2. Is an Emo Pirate boss who creates new definitions about their staffs' names, and who gets the same treatment in the end <snigger>

3. Is also called HEEP - Hung the Evil Emo Pirate
Staff 1: I have a question about this topic...

Hung: Great question! You can do this work.

Staff 1: Uh, I don't think I can... you see--

Hung: Of course you can!

Staff 1: B-but....

Hung: No doubt about it, you've just signed up for more work!

Staff 1: ....

Staff 2: (whispers) You've just been Hung-ed!
by ZeBawse December 10, 2012
Short for hungry. Hung is pronounced with more emphasis on the final "G" sound than the "NG" sound. Used predominantly by women, and confusing to men (due to the more common usage with regard to a large penis).
"I'm so hung, I could eat a horse"
by Celeb 17 June 30, 2013
A term originating in University Park at Pennstate, 2007. It is a shortened version of the word, "hungry," but used in context, it describes being hungry for either the female or male genitalia. It is often used towards those who haven't gotten "any" in a while or are addicted to getting some all the time.
AJ hasn't seen his girlfriend in forever, he must be really hungs.

Maria is with a new guy every night, she is so hungs.

(After being caught licking a taco whilst envisioning a woman and displaying clear affection for the mexican cuisine)
Alex: Umm hey Ronald, you hungs?
Ron: Yeah man I am
by Mary-Jane Cannibis July 22, 2008
Derived from "hunh."

1. Used to express interrogation, surprise, contempt, or indifference.
2. Used in confusion or question.
3. Used as a greeting.
1.) Mark: I just purchased my first car!
Sally: Hung?!

2.) Mark: My brother's mother's sister-in-law's cousin is dating my best friend's uncle's daughter!
Sally: Hung?

3.) Mark: Hung?!
Sally: Hung?!
by WilmanK August 08, 2006
Very funny guy, can make everyone and anyone laugh. Great storyteller. Always up for fun and adventure. Very carefree and social. Loves the outdoors and getting his hands dirty. The best kind of guy to have a beer with. The perfect role model for sportsmanship and team work. Thinks democracy and capitalism have failed. Would rather work for his parents and help out his family, than work a real job and make money. Has more friends than most, his friends love him dearly, and he would do anything for them too. Has many fans, and is very approachable. Has a mean side, and can be very apathetic and cruel if you cross him. Difficult for him to forgive and forget. Women quickly fall for him, and fall hard. Known for being a bad boyfriend, unless he's in love; then he's very sweet, considerate, loving, affectionate and loyal. Whatever he's interested in, he's passionate about. Very smart, not an intellectual, but excels academically without having to work hard. Extremely sexy, effortlessly handsome, and always leaves me wanting more ;) I love you Angrynammer, lots very <3
Hung: "You guys want to have a Joes vs. Pros volleyball competition?"
Friend 1: "Sure man. So the guys who play in a competitive league are Pros? And the ones who don't, or have never played at all, are Joes?"
Hung: "Well, it's really quite simple. You 'Pros' aren't considered pro just because you excel at volleyball. You aren't getting paid or playing at a professional level, you could be downright shitty. But the fact is you are PROS at LIFE. You have husbands/wives, kids, diapers, mortgages, diapers, jobs, responsibilities, sanity, self dignity, intelligence, kids, diapers and more kids (on the way?) and of course each other as lifetime friends/partners/team mates. In any case, this is why I think you guys are Pros. Because if you take a look at us Joes, we really have a long way to go before we reach Pro status. Especially long if you are specifically comparing intelligence, dignity and sanity. I think I speak for the Joes when I say it's great that you Pros can compete and yell at each other and at times look as if you actually hate each other but then pull together and win. Just like in life." *shotguns beer*
by CrazyWhiteGirl June 26, 2012
short form for hungry
can we eat now, i'm damn hungs
by chl April 23, 2005
Tends to be a bit touchy, mainly towards the opposite gender. Often hated by women. Always turned down by females and have a horrible sense of humor. Very fobby and misleading. Usually a big loner that wants to be loved, in addition, get the thrill of enjoyment by touching feminine parts.
That grotesque attitude of his on that woman is like a hung
by Inyofaceduo October 24, 2011

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