1.) My last name
2.) To have large genitals
3.) Past tense of hang
Anthony: Its Paul Hung!
Matt: He's hung like a horse of course

Hello I am Hung.
by P huNgy May 12, 2004
To have a large penis.
DAAAAAAAAAMN!!! Webmaster has a huge like a mule.
by Anonymous August 29, 2002
1. my middle name
2. my middle leg
3. to have your penis so large that you are able to knock the bottom of females pussies out. so that they believe that they have been on their period for months due to the fact it wont stop bleeding
dumb bitch: "I have to go to the doctor my pussy wont stop bleeding"
doctor: "no your not on the rag, your cervex has been knocked into your throat due to too much rough sex, I suggest you due two things
1 you stop that immadiatly
2 introduce me to that man that is so well HUNG
by I fuck dumb bitches April 15, 2005
A well endowed penis. Most authorities agree in whites, the criteria is 7.5 inches in length in and 3 inches in girth. In blacks, one is said to be hung at 9.5 inches in length and 5 inches in girth.

Asian and other tan races are proportionatly smaller. A Japanese is hung at 6 inches, Chinese at 5.
Matt cruised only the hung boys, usually settling on a black one to trick with because of his endowment.
by Richard Black March 03, 2005
A shortened way of saying one is hungry.
I am hungs
by That bengali from essex June 14, 2011

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