Its what you MAY or may NOT be BEFORE you become the center of attention at a public hangin, and what you will definetly be AFTER....
"Richard, That vile man hangin in the tree IS, at least, well hung". "Peter, No he's not! He's still kickin'"
by CunningLinguist January 03, 2005
To have an overly long, or hanging penis.
Not to be confused with thick, or chode-like dicks.
You can be hung but have a thin penis.
Often associated with black men, who on average are larger than white men.
This is often not associated with Asian or Chinese men.
Rakozy: Dude look at colpitts, hes like 10 inches, hes hung like a horse!

TJ: Dude ehlers, you aren't hung dude.
Used when describing your intense hangover from the night before. Often used with an animal, wherein the bigger the animal the bigger the hangover.
I had 10 shots of Goldschlager and 6 Premiums last night. I'm hung like a blue whale today.
by tommieqb January 25, 2009
Short for hungry.
I am so fucking hung! I haven't eaten since noon!
by Milford Cubicles July 26, 2010
The self-described penis size of a sub-sect of gay men in the new york city metro area known for their fondness (addiction) to a certain website known for hunting men. Upon personal inspection, said "hung" males are usually at or below average.
"horned, hung, here, NOW" was the headline in some guy's profile. It should have read "high (as a kite) + average (by all known studies) + wherever (i can get it) + NEVER (going to 'finish')"
by NYCblues October 31, 2006
In Basketball when a player attempts to dunk the ball only to hit the front of the rim and embaress themself. spinetingler
"In the game last night shawn tried to dunk on a fast break and got hung"
by Red March 01, 2005
A great event or happening.
This is a hung party.
by Craig Cochran May 19, 2005

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