In The Words Of The Great Band Cattle Decapitation
The human body, in its systematic nature,
has 3 primary objectives:

1) Procreate
2) Food Intake
3) The elimination of waste

This is the human equation
One half is feces, the other mammal
The human is shit.

This is what you've become
The end result of human stupidity
Another mesh of flesh with no dignity
A solid waste with dull neuronal activity

2000 years from now
they'll discover our copralite
learn of disease and parasite
enough to know what made us tick
enough to make them sick

the study of man

Micturate - here's to your health
Defecate - upon the self
Felch - the goddamn sphinct and
Gurgle - it's disgusting contents

Playing king of the hill
On a mountain of manure
On a planet called earth
Mirroring what we're worth

We are nothing but a failure
Evolution took a shit
In my heart, through these eyes
Humankind in its own shit resides.

2000 years from now
they'll examine our copralite
gain perspective and insight
enough to know what made us tick and
that we're made of shit
Humans Are Shit.They Are The Worlds Deadliest And Most Powerful Virus.
by Supreme Vampiric Evil November 22, 2007
A) Also known as "cannon fodder".
Inferior beeing who lives a useless life without meaning or reason. Exploits the resources of the planet "Earth". Humans are stupid, and the natural pray of "Aliens".
Must be eliminated at all costs.

B) Someone weak-minded.
Haha, you human scum!
Why dont you dare? Are you human or what?
by UltimateOne June 07, 2004
The only creatures I can think of that don't need a REAL reason or justification for hurting, killing, or manipulating each other.

Other animals do what they do for survival, territory, or competitive reproduction. They may act vicious, but none act that way for fury or a simple desire to kill, especially not to their own species.

This, of course, only applies to very few people; such as serial killers, terrorists, war criminals, etc. It's still kind of interesting to think about, especially if you're... just a freak.
Attention all humans, you can see why I spend more time posting online or out in nature than conversing with you now.

Truth is, I'm kind of afraid of all of you.
by I'm just a freak October 10, 2012
See also: Parasites
Humans will suck the earth dry, then sob to their various denominational deities when there is no clear water or food.
by handssmelllikerubber December 26, 2010
The only species on the planet Earth that is concious of its immortality.
Many humans fear death.
by SearchingTheStars April 11, 2004
God's idea of a sick joke.
God: Hey, Jesus, check this out!
Jesus: Humans?
God: Yeah, those animals won't even know what hit them!
*Both chuckle*
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012
The most stupid, worthless, pathetic and, most of all, UGLIEST creature in a face of earth. If God created mankind, then he had a really weird sense of humor.

Of course, humans evolved from monkeys, although it looks like monkeys are smarter than most people nowadays. Humans are bipedal, stupid and ugly animals, who have no real meaning. Also, humans are hypocritical and selfish. Did i mention the utter, horrible ugliness of humans?
Humans are so stupid and hideously ugly, that i just want to puke. Fuck humanity!
by IHateHumans November 04, 2007

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