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4 definitions by nia69

1: the last minute, or leaving just enough time to finish the task at hand, sometimes not enough time.

2: doomsday, the end of the world, right before the globe is annihilated, and you dont have enough time to make good on everything you promised or messed up on.
1: geez, i waited till the eleventh hour to do that paper, now im sure it's an F

2: im all set and ready for the eleventh hour, cuz i made good for everything i ever did
by nia69 December 07, 2005
41 10
a holiday in germany, preceding x-mas, where Schmutzli, a charachter like a dark-willed santa, puts bad kids in a sack and beats tyhem with a switch like a wood whip
i love nikolaustag, cause if i put my shoes outside, and im a good kid, i get chocolate in my shoes, but if im bad Schmutzli puts me in his fucking sack and beats my ass with his woody.
by nia69 September 29, 2005
7 3
only one word is better than uber, and it's moxie, uber means above, supreme/superior, the best, etc.
dude, that's uber cool
by nia69 October 31, 2005
6 17
a wicked small town 33 miles from lansing mi, and about an hour from detroit michigan. barely any one lives here, but there's some sweet little shops downtown.
p#1: dude, me n randy went to LANLORD'S (in howell) last night.
p#2: no way! his cousin and i were on the other end of howell.
p#1: you should have holla'd, we could have walked there in aboot 3 minutes
p#2: yeah well, i was tired so i rode by bike to SPAG'S, took like 3 sec.
by nia69 October 31, 2005
57 108