1. (verb) To eat non-stop without feeling full.
2. (noun) Slang for an all you can eat restaurant in Surrey.
1. "My heart is racing, I'm feeling so Howard, and I'm still eating!!!"
2. "Hey let's all go to Howard's for dinner."
#space food #ayce #all you can eat resturant #eating #hungry
by 1172490 June 23, 2011
Top Definition
A man with a large amount of sex appeal, intelligence and loyalty. Usually fairly good at at sports, and often deeply thoughtful and romantic.
Look at Howard, he's so sexy and charming!

Oh my god, Howard was so romantic last night.
#name #intelligent #sexy #loyal #charming #romantic #sporty #thoughtful
by SlyJudge September 08, 2010
A man of great character;misunderstood in general
Great in bed. He regularly assists women in viewing the insides of their eyelids as they hold on for dear life while he tongue lashes them. Afetr women are blessed to receive the oral affects of Howards they frequently think of him while pleasuring themselves with something large due to the fact most Howards are gifted not only with their tongues but below as well.
"I just was in the bathroom and Howard myself off the shower seat!!"
"look how that guy eats his ice cream...I bet he gives good Howard!!"
#tongue #cunnilingual drift #vagina #mate #eat out
by Whoelse?Howard! February 05, 2010
You get kicked in them.
Directinos will track you down to your howards, he's like a GPS.
#howards #directinos #gps #kick #track
by Machiep April 19, 2009
A man who exemplifies every proud and historic archetype of the British gentleman. A hero, who, in the face of certain death, would casually caress his handlebar moustache before stoically climbing into the cockpit of his Spitfire with a tumbler of Scotch - damning Jerry for his most inconvenient timing - and proceed to deliver the jolly-most thrashing to the impending Boche in the name of Queen and Country. Gaw' Bless.
"I say, is that Jerry flying against the wind towards Trafalgar Square?!?!"
"No fear, Tarquin; Howard has slipped the surly bonds of Earth, and is dancing the skies on laughter-slivered wings, before smashing Jerry back to 1914. Two World Wars and One World Cup. Huzzah!"
#howard #jerry #ww2 #hero #trafalgar
by oxfordlitely February 05, 2010
the epitome of James Bonds wishes and desires.
In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig really nailed the role. Yeah, what a howard!

Timothy Dalton did a hell of a job but he was no howard.
#suave #assassin #killer #jell-o #awesome #engine problems #explosions
by RevT February 05, 2010
A means of disguising the phrase "I would" when identifying a person who could be deemed as 'shaggable'
"ooo, look at her over there, Howard"

or shouting "Howard" at a good looking person in front of mates to confuse the person but amuse yourself and your friends.
#i would #howard #shaggable #fit #ooft #eye candy
by bethanandrosslionsisterssss July 21, 2010
Term used to identify the person served last at a restaurant. Usually the one who has to say "No its OK, don't wait. Start".
"I dont want to be the howard - I'm ordering the salad"
#restaurant #meal #loser #order #waiter
by jamesathon February 10, 2010
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