1. (verb) To eat non-stop without feeling full.
2. (noun) Slang for an all you can eat restaurant in Surrey.
1. "My heart is racing, I'm feeling so Howard, and I'm still eating!!!"
2. "Hey let's all go to Howard's for dinner."
by 1172490 June 23, 2011
To smash an egg over ones self whilst wanking.
Things got a bit sticky last night after i had a Howard.
by Switch01 February 09, 2009
Howard is a very cool guy at times and is extremely good at whatever he does, but he can also be real asshat at times and can often be bipolar. While he may act bipolar, he is still a very standup guy who attracts the attention of everyone around him. He often drives very nice cars and is surrounded by a group of very cool individuals. However, he is often extremely self-centered and when something gets on his nerves, he flips a shit and all hell may break loose. He is often very unpredictable. But when he is not being self-centered and seeing the world as revolving around him, he is the most caring and awesome individual you could possibly be around.
Person 1: Howard is a real stand up guy! I just saw him helping out a bunch of kids!
Person 2: Yeah he can be extremely caring and awesome a good amount of the time.
Person 1: What about the other time?
Person 2: Well if he sees something as a criticism or an insult towards him, then he will unleash everything from the depths of hell and wreak havoc on your ass.
by \''; DROP TABLE users; -- December 26, 2014
This common surname derives from the phrase "Hog Warden", the name of one of the most important of the Officers of an English Feudal Manor. (Sources: an online document dating from Feudal England and a segment of the late John Ciardi's wonderful radio program.)
My brother's name, strangely enough, was Howard.
by Phil I. Buster September 25, 2010
To smash an egg over ones self whilst wanking.
I know you like to Howard but have you ever done a Howard Kirkwood. It it the bomb. Until you have to poop later.
by slicknes1977 November 03, 2010
Slang for male testicles, penis, or both usually used in a negative manner.
You're such a howards.
by rebarama January 12, 2011
When an altruistic chap has blown his beans up his lady friend, but takes advantage of his last few seconds of penile hardness to generously give her a couple of extra pushes for good luck. A "little Xtra", named after bespectacled building society mouthpiece Howard off of the Halifax adverts. If the pushes are administered up the bird's dirtbox, it is called a Howard Brow, thus using the poor fellows full name for cheap comic effect.
Here comes the Howard! HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG Who gives you Xtra!?
by Hali37 August 10, 2010
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