1. Hand-Wrist Assisting Robotic Device

2. The average boy that likes the feeling of his everyday clothing; jacket, pants, etc. The Howard rarely changes his usual clothing of choice. The one that is called by many nicknames and can change appearance year to year.
ex.1) scientist: Hey! Bring over the HOWARD to my workstation! I need help with my handwriting.

ex.2) Look at that guy over there.
WOAH, it's a Howard!
Howard Liu
by FooFoo the Bunny March 02, 2009
Southwestern Wisconsin term for someone who is full of themselves when it comes to physical fitness, usually is the biggest suck-up around their friends parents, girls, teachers, coaches, etc. Follows in the footsteps of the stereotypical Jewish person but doesn't have very good street smarts. This person is also addicted to pornography and may talk about sex quite often even though they aren't partaking in sexual activity themselves except for excessive masturbation.
As a kid in school is trying to flirt with the hottest girl by explaining how much weight he lifts another group of kids are explaining how much of a howard he is.
by coachskinny February 22, 2010
when a person gets angry and has a spaz
hes chucked a howard once he ran into the tree
by gordon the mofo October 15, 2006
1) n. a person who is too lazy to Boil Water so that he can eat dinner. A Howard will go for Minutes without food because no one heard him yell, "Hey can I have some of Your soup, I'm too tired to cook my own."
2) adj. a person who is unable to make the effort to CALL the pizza company. and ends up eating leftover spaghetti because quote: " Its too much effort to pick up the phone and call Dominoes. I'd rather just find something in the fridge and microwave it...well, maybe in few hours I will."
a College Freshman.
"Dude, freshman get on my nerves, they're too howard to go to the cafeteria to get lunch on Saturdays."
Also, a Sophmore who acts like said freshman
"You're so howard, I mistook you for a fish"
anyone over 350 pounds
"watch out, another howard is walking up to the buffet line"
by Phoebator February 09, 2008
a scruff that lives on a council estate and wears the same clothes 5 times a week and doesnt get a bath.
*scruff walks in the room*

You Shout: Howard!!
by plopo111 July 02, 2007
To be sheep like in every way. Stalker like with a van, also has a bed in it. Thicker beard than Newman.
Kayla Howard Bah Bah
by Inharmonic November 24, 2008
Girls dorm at Notre Dame (although originally a guys' dorm). Second smallest girls dorm after Badin. Hosts Howard Halliday, a school-wide marshmallow roast, every winter. Also is known for the Howard Hoedown and the Howard Bone Marrow Drive. The Ducks are one of the most spirited dorms on campus, and in many people's opinions the best girl dorm on campus! Sister dorm of Sorin College AND St. Ed's...thats right, the dorm is soo cool it gets not one but TWO brother dorms (while most everyone else gets a measley one)
Who are we?
Howard Hall.
What do we do?
by Howard Duck June 05, 2006

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