when you sweat profusely from the butthole and have a little left over doo-doo from the last time you dropped your kids at the pool
"mAn after having nasty butt sex trick ass bitches get hot chocolate.
by Lemony Petaphile June 02, 2008
ok u be doin a chick in her booty(or guy if u roll like that)and u be beatin that shit so fast that her poo start gettin hot and it turns to liquid(like diareha)then u pull out and leek that shit into a cup and drink it(add marshmellows if ya want)
yum thats sum good hot chocolate
by e-van July 24, 2004
Chocolate that's hot.
I have some hot chocolate.
Yknow, Chocolate that's hot.
by MLGBRUH420 June 05, 2016
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