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One sexy hot brown-skinned girl thats a dime piece.
Thats one hot chocolate!
by Sexy March 03, 2004
A very very very hot boy
he was such a beatle
by sexy January 12, 2005
Being inebriated, drunk, pissed etc. Having drunk too much alcohol.
Your laggin! How much have you had to drink??
by sexy November 13, 2003
the vagina
indian girls ki kuss main kittey or pigs ka lun
by sexy October 27, 2003
A person that cannot successfully construct a sentence or hold a conversation.
Raam: Hey kirst

Kirst: Fuck shit Matt Behr Crap Shit Emo 12 inch tunnels

Steve: Mad
by Sexy June 02, 2004
Indian Boobs. Usually on males.
Dude,check out the Poojans on him.
by Sexy June 02, 2004
to let sum1 no ya bein honestly serious
jano ur a heavy singer
by sexy October 19, 2003
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