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Hopey: The opposite of worrying.
Remaining hopeful; so as to not hold fear, anxiety or worry.

"Don't worry, be hopey"
~Ajahn Brahm
Even though his jokes are really bad, we all remain -hopey- that Ajahn Brahm will continue to produce such clever wit.
by Playtard February 01, 2013
An almost euphoric state of happiness and confidence in what is to come.
I couldn't sleep after the inauguration because I was so hopey.
by GeekyChicGirl January 21, 2009
Another name for Barack Obama.
Did you see Hopey crush Walnuts in that debate last night? Looks like he may even have convinced a few Bitters to vote for him!
by Iacopus August 08, 2008
Being jolly, a bit smug and generally wanting to give lots of people lots of hugs!
Joe is in a hopey mood today!
Fisher isn't getting any hopey style loving off danny because he didn't give Hopey a hug : (
by thesmellypotato March 23, 2009
Gross weight loss through 'alleged' wheat allergy.
John:"Where have your bitch tits gone?"
Paul:"I've done a 'Hopey'!"
by Paddy Dean April 28, 2005
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