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Hopey: The opposite of worrying.
Remaining hopeful; so as to not hold fear, anxiety or worry.

"Don't worry, be hopey"
~Ajahn Brahm
Even though his jokes are really bad, we all remain -hopey- that Ajahn Brahm will continue to produce such clever wit.
by Playtard February 01, 2013
20 0
An almost euphoric state of happiness and confidence in what is to come.
I couldn't sleep after the inauguration because I was so hopey.
by GeekyChicGirl January 21, 2009
10 5
Another name for Barack Obama.
Did you see Hopey crush Walnuts in that debate last night? Looks like he may even have convinced a few Bitters to vote for him!
by Iacopus August 08, 2008
18 15
Being jolly, a bit smug and generally wanting to give lots of people lots of hugs!
Joe is in a hopey mood today!
Fisher isn't getting any hopey style loving off danny because he didn't give Hopey a hug : (
by thesmellypotato March 23, 2009
3 7
Gross weight loss through 'alleged' wheat allergy.
John:"Where have your bitch tits gone?"
Paul:"I've done a 'Hopey'!"
by Paddy Dean April 28, 2005
4 12