A crazy hopo with equally crazy hair that has that best ideas and is horrible in spainsh:) except for clappiing out words she is a fast runner and wants 12 kids that im NOT babysitting no matter how much she begs and she has a great personalitly and is so funny and has laughs like a seal while tanning and eating airr at the same time she is a mutli-tasker and is beyond awesom!!! she has a waiting line of guys that r all highschoolers and r sorta cute defitnley harry ;)
Jarrod: bro u see that chick over there with the curly hair?

carter: hell yeah! she is fine!

Jarrod: imma ask her 2 formal!

Carter: not be4 i do!
* both race off toward her in hopes she says yes but alas she says no to both cuz she is going with harry styles*
by Angel01 April 17, 2012
Top Definition
Mankind’s greatest weakness and greatest strength.
Hope gave James the power to go on; but it would not let him admit defeat.
by evovove September 06, 2005
A very beautiful name.

Means Hope is an outgoing person. Hope always keeps people'e heads up. you definitly need to meet a Hope.
Hope just made me smile today!
by Sarahh Marie August 26, 2008
A sweet girl who has a lot going for her. She's funny and smart. She talks a lot, but thats cause she has a lot to say. She is an easy target to be made fun of, but thats because people love her so much! She's just down right awesome!
Jeeze!!! Look at that hope!
by drm$4life April 24, 2011
Something that idiotic angsty teens don't believe in. Take off the eyeliner, wash your hair and chin up you whiny bitches. What the hell is so bad about hope? So what if you don't get what you want? Life isn't about handouts, you pussies.
Dear diary,
My dad says he won't be getting me an iPod today. I've lost all hope, I wish I was dead. Now I'm going all goth poser on his ass. I hate my life! Now I'm going to listen to my crappy Simple Plan CD's because my dad won't get me an iPod!
by Smizzoach September 06, 2005
A wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment.
When all is lost you can only have hope to get by.
by HT January 26, 2004
a wish or dream that you truely desire in your heart
I HOPE I find true love one day
by pahko December 04, 2004
The delusion that your situation is not as objectively bad as it is.
Hope is the fruitless denial of the more realistic pessimism.
by Killing Kittens January 17, 2005
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