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A beautiful name given to girls both intelligent and humorous. They're perfect on the inside, and have unique facial features. They love to be the center of attention but don't easily show it. Hopes often sport a dry sense of humor that sometimes goes unnoticed. She is the ultimate friend, but is sometimes too pessimistic, due to a low self esteem. Hopes draw people they don't like away, but retains those closest to her for life. She attracts nerds with a similar sense of humor. She loves to please others, and rarely does a selfish deed. You absolutely must befriend a Hope.
Jodie: Did you hear what Hope said in class?
Brenda: She TALKS???

Joe: Hope is awesome, but she worries me sometimes.
by HopeLover October 19, 2011
Something most go into completely oblivious to the mountainous workload and gradual toll on sanity. Say farewell to sleep and hair. Don't be cocky and take it just because you can-it's not worth the GPA. Some schools' apush classes are entirely comprised of these brave sophomores that whine 24/7. Book is a literary work written by Harvard professors that have nothing better to do then add to their credentials. Your eyes glaze over 5 minutes into reading a chapter. stupid 'HUSH' students laugh in your face while they do skits and debate across the hall. BSing on the test does not work; crazy old history junky/hag/ghost whisperer teachers can see into your soul. Don't take it if you can, but I forgot, you're an HONORS studennt. Take it, but don't say I didn't warn you.
'Dude, you look like a zombie.'
'Don't touch me.'

honors kid: I'm dropping APUSH. I have AP calc and physics and chem..
kid: hahhaha, nooo you're not.
honors kid: *sob* I know.
by HopeLover October 19, 2011

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