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Hond describes anyone who is rated as below 2/10 for physical attractiveness. They can also be described as a mess, stinky, generally ugly.

An example of a hond in the Cheltenham area is James Geagan...if you know James Geagan then you know a hond.
Ahhh mate she must be a 1/10 at best...definitely a hond

that hond has ruined my zuba
by Zuba123 May 01, 2011
The mispronunciation of the word "Hands"
generally said by foreigners from Ireland.
Foreigner: Hey my honds are dirty
Me: your what?
Foreigner: my honds... their dirty..
Me: LOL.
Foreigner: what?
Me: what.
Foreigner: Why.
me: why?!
Foreigner: because..
me: why..
Foreigner: because!
me: what?
by What why because January 12, 2012

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