A white character who is constanly made fun of by certain individuals. ( strong bad )
Homestarrunner got punched in the face by strong bad
by jayson April 18, 2003
A Tall, White, no armed character from a website named after himself he often seen wearing a cap, being harrased by strongbad, or just being stupid
Welcome aboard the USS Homestarrunner.com i am yor captain homestar runner
by Spike August 16, 2003
A cool armless cartoon character of homestarrunner.com. Speaks somewhat like the hunter guy from Looney Tunes, and is utterly stupid.
People: "Oh no, not him...just ignore him"
HS: "Where is evewybody ?"
by eviscerator March 29, 2004
a guy whose spot in the limelight was when he was spitting teddy grahams all over Strong Bad's couch.
Ptooo! Pteww.
Dang The Cheat. That computer's got something against you. Did you like, pour Mowntain Dew all over it?
by juanvaldez November 15, 2003
1. The star of the best cartoon, Flash or otherwise, to ever exist.
2. The greatest entertainer of this or any generation.
Oh Hewo. Stwong Bad could not make it today, so I will be taking his place. My name is Homestaw Wunno.
by Jonathan October 16, 2003
An armless stick-figure-lookin' guy who talks in a way that is actually understandable.
"Everyone loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete." or "Homestar Runner is a stupid crap-for-brains webmaster."
by Sunbun April 15, 2003
the most clever guy around. long legs, a spinning beanie, and a starred shirt. he doesn't have arms and talks with a lisp.
homestar talk: "Hey! My name is Howmstaw Wunner! What's yow name?"
by jr. webster February 26, 2003
The first and only media character on the net that it fun, crazy, awesome-voiced, and virtually a drug. A GOOD drug, mind you.

Oh, just visit homestarrunner.com!
There are many-a-word that are very strange. One being: banana. Banana had three a's, two n's, and one b. Where's HOMESTAR RUNNER the originality? I mean, it could've been called: "Weird Crescent Shaped Fruit o' Doom." Or maybe: "A Fruit that is so shi- oh shoot, time's up.
by Jigglyman January 13, 2003
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